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    1. Hello Every0ne,
      I am Zakir Majumder, currently, pursuing my PhD in the Interdisciplinary Humanities program at the University of California, Merced (UCM). Previously, I completed my BA with honors and MA in English literature at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Later, I switched to Amsterdam to attend my second MA in American Studies (concentrating on American literature) at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. On my return to Bangladesh, I joined the Department of English at North South University and worked there for about three years as part-time faculty before I finally moved to the Department of English and Humanities (DEH) at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB). I am interested in modern American and English literature, 20th century American literature (with a special emphasis on modern American fiction). Moreover, I am interested in postmodernist, poststructuralist, and postcolonialist theories, and the theories on interdisciplinary approaches involving such disciplines as literature, anthropology, ethnography, and history.

      My prospective project will examine the contesting relationship between literature, anthropology, and ethnography from transnational and transcultural vantage points. My study will question our understanding of the relationship among literature, anthropology, and ethnography in an era of increasing globalization: what is the significance of this heuristic study of the relationship between literature and anthropology—more specifically, fiction and ethnography—and, for that matter, how does it help us to have a better understanding of each other, the understanding which is continuously shaped and reshaped by contemporary transnational and transcultural phenomena?

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